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Guided Tour of HB 489 (NC lien law) – Part I

  Yesterday, I promised you a guided tour of the proposed lien law revisions (HB 489). The proposed changes came about through an effort by the Construction Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association to reach industry consensus on … Continue reading

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Let’s Get this Party Started – NC Lien Law Revisions Find Sponsors in House

            Here it is! House Bill 489. I have been able to watch this legislation develop from its inception.  I can tell you that the lien law revisions are the result of many months of … Continue reading

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Forming a North Carolina Limited Liability Company

How to Form an LLC in North Carolina Gregory L. Shelton The recession has displaced many bright, creative folks in the construction industry.  Necessity being the mother of invention, many workplace refugees will start their own small businesses, whether it … Continue reading

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Groundbreaking Ceremony

Let’s get digging. My goal with this blog is to provide useful, interesting, and succinct information to . . . better do this in alphabetical order . . . architects, attorneys, contractors, developers, engineers, owners, subcontractors, and suppliers doing business … Continue reading

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