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I was shocked! surprised! disturbed! bewildered! distressed! outraged! etc.

When contractual relationships begin to deteriorate, the battle of the letters begins. A good letter will document the facts and circumstances, reference the applicable provisions of the contract, and may or may not suggest a resolution to the dispute. You … Continue reading

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News Flash: Governor Haley Signs the Crossmann Fix Into Law

Governor Haley signed S. 431 into law yesterday.  Recall from my earlier posts that S. 431 was introduced to address the S.C. Supreme Court’s decision in Crossmann.  In Crossmann, the Supreme Court drastically curtailed coverage for losses arising out of defective … Continue reading

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Builder Beware! NC Court Holds Corporate Officer Personally Liable for Defects

Time for a pop quiz. If you are an officer of a general contracting company, and you supervise construction of a home, can you be sued individually for defects discovered by a later purchaser of the home? If you answered “Yes,” … Continue reading

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Federal Contracting: Don’t Pay to Play?

The term “reform” is often used in the political realm to describe a systemic change to eradicate corruption, waste, or some other vice. The President is expected to sign an executive order to reform the federal contracting process. Under the executive order, those who … Continue reading

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SC House Votes 104 to 0 for Statutory Definition of Occurrence (Addresses Supreme Court’s Crossmann Decision)

Yesterday I had the privilege of walking the halls of the beautifully restored Statehouse in Columbia with a fellow members of the Associated Builders and Contractors of the Carolinas.  Wearing our white hardhats, we made the rounds to meet with … Continue reading

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