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Celestion Council Interrogates an Architect

Celestion Council Interrogates an Architect

Construction Law Blogger Released after Being Held by Space Aliens


From the OP Wire

Chauncey Gardner, Salbris, France

After nearly four months of captivity, we have learned that Greg Shelton has been released in a wheat field just outside of Salbris, France. Shelton, author of the Construction Law Carolinas blog, has not been heard from since his One Sided Contracts and their Limitations article was posted on November 16, 2012.

The U.S. government was quick to cover-up the incident:

Mr. Shelton has been busy editing the Sixth Edition of the Construction Law Deskbook for the North Carolina Bar Association’s Construction Law Section. This is a time consuming task requiring coordination with authors, editors, and representatives of the Bar Association. The introduction of a new chapter dealing with employment, labor, and immigration issues has added to the already substantial Deskbook. We are pleased to announce that Mr. Shelton intends to resume work on his blog very soon.

 The French government, which is currently on strike, announced that its cover-up would be ready for release to the public “sometime after August.”

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Gregory L. Shelton is licensed to practice in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. He is a South Carolina circuit court mediator and North Carolina superior court mediator. Greg is the Managing Editor of the North Carolina Construction Law Deskbook, the definitive treatise on construction law in the state. He is also Florida board certified as a construction law specialist. He practices at Shelton Law Carolinas. SC: (803) 670-0024 NC: (704) 940-9012
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