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The largest owner in the construction world is the federal government. As the commercial construction market evaporated, many contractors and subcontractors looked to the burgeoning world of federal contracting, including work on military bases in the Carolinas, as new and abundant hunting ground.

But, in the words of Lee Corso: “Not so fast my friend!”

Jumping into the world of government contracting is much like following the white rabbit into Wonderland. It helps to know your way around before you get there. Mazes, puzzles, and perhaps a hookah-smoking caterpillar asking, “”Whooo … are … you?”

To help you find your way, I called on Charlie Cole, MS. Envm., MBA to share his experiences and insights from a contractor’s perspective.  Charlie is a service-connected disabled veteran who served as an Honor Guard Commander and in the intelligence division within the United States Air Force.  Following his service in the USAF Charlie served as the Director of the EPA Region 5 Disaster District Program based with the State of Texas.  Among his many awards and recognition since 1997, Charlie has secured more than 7.5 billion Dollars in face value federal contract awards.

Charlie’s tour will consist of two parts.  First, in a series of guest blogs, he will provide general overview of contracting and contract law.  Second, and again in a series, he will examine a handful of subjects that he considers critical to the process, including ethics, performance requirements, and marketing strategies.

This series will also include commentary and input from other distinguished guests in the field. And I will, of course, discuss some interesting–and sometimes dangerous–quirks in the law.

Now let’s go find us a white rabbit.

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Gregory L. Shelton is licensed to practice in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. He is a South Carolina circuit court mediator and North Carolina superior court mediator. Greg is the Managing Editor of the North Carolina Construction Law Deskbook, the definitive treatise on construction law in the state. He is also Florida board certified as a construction law specialist. He practices at Horack, Talley, Pharr & Lowndes, P.A. Phone: (704) 377-2500 Fax: (704) 716-0905 Email: GShelton@horacktalley.com.
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